Restaurant Style French fries recipe

Restaurant Style french fries|It's time to be foodies with me. I am going to share with you a restaurant-style recipe for French fries that will your mouth watering. Chinese dishes are almost everyone's favorite dish mostly children who don't want to eat vegetables. This recipe is easy and going to be your children's favorite food. 

Let's start

Big size potatoes- 500gm
Food red color- 1 tsp
Arrowroot powder- 2 tbsp
Olive oil- to fry
Chaat masala- 2 tbsp

Method of French fries
1) Peel off all potatoes, and wash them. 
2) Cut potatoes into long and thin sizes. 
3) Apply arrowroot powder and food color to the cut potatoes. 
4) Heat oil in the pan and then add those potatoes, let them fry for 2-3 minutes
     ( half fry) 
5) Let them cool in the air for 30 minutes. 
6) Fry again to half fry potatoes and check-in between to be strong. 
7) French fries are ready to serve to enjoy with sauce. 

For video 

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